The benefit for your health

Scientific tests carried out by the Universities of Giessen & Koblenz/Landau in Germany confirm the benefits of steam cooking in comparison with other cooking methods.
Vitamin C content in broccoli
Broccoli from the steam oven contains 50% more vitamin C than cooked broccoli.
Vitamin C content in peppers
Steamed peppers have over 25% more vitamin C than boiled peppers.
Minerals and trace elements in peppers
Red peppers cooked in a steam oven contain as many minerals as raw peppers. By comparison: Peppers boiled in water contain about 45% less nutrients than raw peppers.
Sensory result on vegetables
In laboratory tests, four criteria that define quality were tested according to a scientific points system: appearance, taste, aroma and texture. The unequivocal result: Cooking with a steam oven is both the tastiest and the healthiest method of cooking vegetables, irrespective of whether the produce is fresh or frozen.
Sensory result on fish
Fish retains its texture and unique flavour as it is enveloped in steam and gently cooked. The above chart shows clearly that steam cooking proves to be far superior in terms of sensory properties.
Features depend on model